5 ways of connecting with your baby during pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby, you probably want to know all about the milestones they will reach – “when will my baby start to hear/see/feel?”. All of these sensory developments can help you to begin communicating with your baby even during pregnancy! Our tips will help you take the first steps towards forming a good bond with your little one.


The sense of touch is the first sense to develop within a foetus. This means your baby can sense early on what's going on around them. Once your baby is big enough, you can easily make contact with them by touching your belly. Massaging your belly also has a beneficial effect when you're having braxton hicks. These caresses are not only soothing for you, but for your baby as well!

The contact feels great and provides a safe, secure feeling. In the long term, this safe feeling even contributes to self-confidence and to your child feeling good about themselves!

Would you like to have even deeper physical contact with your unborn baby? Then perhaps a course in haptonomy is right for you! Haptonomy is the learning process behind human feelings and touch. Over the duration of the course, you will learn how to make contact with your unborn baby through touch and even how to start playing with each other!

Talking and listening to music

You can hear your baby's heart beating from the beginning of the pregnancy, but your little one's sense of hearing doesn't develop until they are about 5 months. From this point onwards, your baby will constantly hear your heartbeat, the rumbling of your intestines, your voice and external sounds.

When your baby is born, they are taken out of their familiar environment where they are used to constantly hearing your heartbeat. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to make skin-to-skin contact after the birth, so that your heartbeat and voice can reassure them.

From week 20, you can start talking to your baby, or telling them stories and listening to music together. By doing this, they will get to know different voices and sounds that can provide comfort to them after birth. And who knows, they may even start responding to you by kicking!

Life through a pink lens... or belly!

Your baby will open his eyes around week 25 and from this point on, they can distinguish between light and dark. Of course, they will still be in your belly, so they are more likely to perceive a pinkish glow – you can put on a real shadow play for your little one! Even after they have been born, your baby will only be able to initially perceive contrasts.

Memories for later

During your pregnancy you can keep a kind of (online) pregnancy notebook where you can note down your little one's milestones: how you discovered and announced the pregnancy, pictures of ultrasounds, when you first felt them kick, and much more.

As of 32 weeks, most mothers-to-be have a lovely visible belly. This is the perfect time to have a 3D sculpture or plaster cast made of your pregnant body. Or maybe you’d prefer a maternity photo shoot? There are plenty of photographers who specialise in family shoots. This is the ideal opportunity to capture both your pregnant belly and your (future) family.

Two hands in one tummy

Your bodies are connected and your baby feels everything you feel. So take a moment for yourself. Stress and anxiety will affect your body, which means they will also affect your baby. Take a walk in the countryside, do some pregnancy yoga, read a book... Do something that relaxes you and your baby will automatically relax too. Happy mum = happy baby!

No matter how, just try and connect with the little life growing in your belly... All these little things will make great memories for your family and bring parents and children closer together again!


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