9 months of pregnancy: the most important milestones of your second trimester

Our Little Moments from Yumi Yay aims to connect parents and their children through the little moments in life. And those first little moments start way back in mummy's tummy! Nine months of pregnancy may seem like it’s a long time, but your little one spends the time developing at lightning speed from a bunch of cells into a baby. We have created a handy pregnancy calendar to help you track the most important milestones in your baby's development! This is where you can find everything about the second trimester – in other words, everything that happens between week 14 and week 27 of your pregnancy.

4 months pregnant: it's your tummy where the magic happens

  • Week 14: from week 14 onwards, it's just a matter of your baby gaining weight and strengthening its bones – something your little one loves doing! You will really feel those dances of joy over the coming weeks.
  • Week 15: you can't hide the big news any longer. Your baby belly will become increasingly visible. This is the ideal moment to pamper yourself with maternity clothes!
  • Week 16: it is from the 16th week of pregnancy that your baby’s soft skin is formed. A layer of skin lubricant covers the skin and gets stuck in the downy hairs. In addition, your baby's eyes will now be able to distinguish between light and dark.
  • Week 17: your child is currently the size of a toothbrush and weighs as much as a smartphone. Since your womb is growing so fast, the pressure on your bladder may mean you will need to go to the bathroom more often.

Would you like to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl? From week 17, the gender of your baby is almost always clearly visible on an ultrasound scan.

  • Week 18: by week 18 of your pregnancy, your baby will offer a sympathetic ear, or two. They will be able to clearly hear your voice. But they will also make themselves heard... Have you felt them kick for the first time?

5 months pregnant: baby’s eyes open and hairs appear

  • Week 19: can you see a dark stripe appearing on your tummy? Don't worry, this is just a stretch mark. It appears where your abdominal muscles are giving way to make room for your growing uterus.
  • Week 20: you're almost halfway through your pregnancy! This is the perfect timing for a photoshoot when you visit the gynaecologist. And by the way, your tummy is going to keep on growing!
  • Week 21: your baby’s eyes will be wide open! After 21 weeks of pregnancy, your baby's eyes slowly open. They are getting themselves ready for lots of different views other than the inside of your womb. Their final eye colour will only be known for certain around their first birthday.
  • Week 22: from a bald head to a full man bun or braids. Your baby will get their first haircut this week! Eyelashes and eyebrows also appear. This week also forms the basis for the bond between mother and child. Your child will recognise you after birth by your smell and voice. This is the perfect time to read them a story.

6 months pregnant: a 1 kg growth spurt

  • Week 23: you're not the only one who might be gaining weight during this period – your little one will be getting heavier as well. From week 23, your baby starts developing a layer of baby fat.
  • Week 24: in Belgium, a baby is officially viable from 24 weeks. Doctors will do everything they can to keep your baby alive from this week on in the event of premature birth. However, every extra week in your belly from this stage onwards greatly increases their chances of survival. This is why it is obviously so much better if your baby decides to stay in your tummy for longer.
  • Week 25: don't be surprised if you feel your baby hiccuping by this stage. These hiccups are completely natural as your little one will be able to breathe on their own from this week. They receive oxygen through the umbilical cord. Would your partner like to hear the baby's heartbeat? You can do this by holding a roll of toilet paper against your tummy.
  • Week 26: relax! This is when you need to take it easy: no heavy work and lots of rest! Your baby's organs are all more or less formed by this stage and voices will start to sound familiar to them. By the way, did you know that your baby's fingerprints will be formed around this week?
  • Week 27: your baby will be gaining weight. It may look as if everything has happened already, but inside there is still a lot going on. Your baby’s brain and lungs are developing strongly and from this week onwards you can make contact with your baby on the outside of your belly. Move your hand over your belly and feel how your baby follows.

After the second trimester of your pregnancy, you will enter the final months before you can welcome your little one into the world. You can read more here about the third trimester soon!


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