Celebrating Christmas with Billy Bear

Billy is a very sleepy bear, and there is nothing he loves more than taking naps all day. He doesn’t like waking up, and especially hates having to get up to take a bath! You can read all about in in “Billy doesn’t like bath time”. But how does Billy celebrate Christmas? You and your child can decide! 

Reading book? Check! Cosy night light? Double check! Reading a final story before bed time is a great way to unwind and relax after a long and busy day. For you as a parent, but also for your child. This daily ritual is a great moment to connect, but why not change up the ritual a little bit? Instead of reading a Yumi Yay book… you can also make up your own story about Billy Bear!

It may seem hard at first, but with these useful tips you and your child will be off to fantasy land.

STEP 1: Who will go on the Christmas adventure with Billy?

You always have more fun when you are together, so ask your child to decide who will join Billy in the story. Who will Billy be celebrating Christmas with? Will Tika be invited to the Family Bear Christmas dinner? Or maybe Otti will help Billy decorate the tree? Or maybe Finn and Billy are singing Christmas carols together? Or... Are you one of the characters or is your son or daughter the star of the story?

Use your imagination and have fun. So, step into the Yumi Yay forest to start on a great adventure!

STEP 2: What kind of adventure will Billy Bear have?

Christmas is always a time of fun and excitement, but what is Billy going to do? Maybe he is going to bake Christmas cookies with Tika? But... They are having so much fun that they forget about the oven and burn the cookies! Billy also has to decorate the tree of course, and Otti offers to help. But what happens if big Otti pushes over the Christmas tree by accident and breaks all the baubles? And other idea: Billy loves sending Christmas cards, but the forest is too big to hand-deliver all the cards. What can he do? Can you think of an adventurous solution?

Tip: Ask your child what they like to do at Christmas, if anything was possible. That should give you some inspiration for a story!

STEP 3: How is Billy going to solve the problem?

The burned cookies, the fallen Christmas tree, the stack of Christmas cards that have to be delivered... What solution is Billy going to come up with?

Tip: Ask your child what he or she would do, and then use your imagination! Any problem can be solved with a bit of magic and fantasy!

Bake new cookies? Make new decorations for the tree? Turn into a flying postman with Finn and drop the cards from the sky?

Everything is possible, because it is your story! Spend a quarter of an hour having fun and turn this fantastical moment into a great memory.


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