WIN: your favorite Yumi Yay night lights and bedtime stories!

Four little friends live in the Yumi Yay universe: Otti, Finn, Tika and Billy. Together they go on the most spectacular adventures and they want to take you and your little one with them! With night lights and bedtime stories about the four friends, Yumi Yay encourages parents to add magic to the little moments.

The greatest news? You can win a night light set of your choice and the two corresponding books for your kid(s)!

What do you need to do? Don’t worry! No difficult quiz questions are involved in this fun contest. Only lots of fun and a magical moment between you and your kid(dos)!

The only thing we ask is to gather all of your pencils, markers, stickers and glitter and let your little one’s creativity run wild on this blank image of the four Yumi Yay friends.

The only rules? Download and print the blank drawing below. Be as creative and colorful as possible and send us a picture of your drawing via a private message on our Instagram @yumiyaycom. You can participate until 21/11/2020, 23h59. In the week of 23/11/2020 we will choose the two winners together via Instagram Stories.

Good luck! 😉


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