Tika is the funniest of the Yumi Yay gang of friends. She makes the craziest faces, and likes to use her long tail to pull pranks. If Tika is standing next to you and someone is tapping your shoulder ... then you know who it was! But ... you can easily prank Tika back, because she believes everything her friends tell her!  

Tika is very sporty and loves gymnastics. You often see her swinging and tumbling through the trees and she always lands on her feet! 

Tika really likes banana milkshake, but when it's time to brush her teeth and go to sleep ... she jumps away quickly! Tika thinks sleeping is boring, and can't wait for the sun to rise to play with her friends again!


Curious to find out the other pranks that Tika plays? And are Finn, Otti and Billy actually ok with all that teasing from Tika? Read it in her first read aloud book!


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