Yumi Yay


Yumi Yay is a must-have lifestyle brand with indispensable nice-to-have / nice-to-give products that strengthen the mutual bond between parents and child.

And that is precisely why Yumi Yay encourages parents to put magic in the small moments, because these simple rituals will turn out to be the greatest memories for your child.

If you want to know more about the start of Yumi Yay and our values, you can read about it in Our Story. If you want more information, make sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions



“Coming up with all these different characters, I loved it!”

Author Hanne Luyten made her debut in 2019 with her book #nietaankindengezinverklappen. In this book, Hanne tells about motherhood in the real world and it was enormously popular among young parents. Hanne could never have imagined that by 2020, she would be writing books for the children of those parents. But when her employer, BABYmatters asked her to write four stories for children, she didn’t hesitate at all.

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Hurray! Celebrate juvenile book month with the Yumi Yay books!

Hurray, we’ll be celebrating Juvenile Book Month between 1 and 31 March! Because admit it, there’s nothing better than your children entering a fantasy world for a while. This year’s theme is art so perhaps, you can go through some books about art with your children. Or do you prefer to learn magic with one of Harry Potter's books? Perhaps your child likes to read search books and you’re going to search for Wally? Or .... perhaps submerging yourself in the world of Yumi Yay is a good idea?

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How mommy and her kids enjoy a cosy bedtime ritual

Each night again, mom Valérie looks forward to the evening ritual with her three kids. Why that is, you can read here!

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From idea… to Yumi Yay!

Yumi Yay is a brand new Belgian brand, thought out, created and grown in Lier, near Antwerp. It is an understatement that we are proud of our products, but we are even more proud of the story of Yumi Yay as brand.

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3 reasons why the Yumi Yay nighlights are super safe

The Yumi yay nightlights are playful, colorful, handy and trendy. But are they also safe? Of course! In the development of the nightlights, we have given the highest priority to safety.

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