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3 reasons why a sleeping ritual is a good idea

3 reasons why a sleeping ritual is a good idea

Nothing is better for a child than a clear, recognisable sleeping routine. But why is that? And are there any advantages of such a ritual for you as a parent? Of course! You can read more about it here!


1. Familiarity


Most children like fixed and recognisable routines. Such a routine gives them confidence, and the predictability of such a recognisable ritual tells them what is going to happen. A clean nappy, sleeping bag, maybe a last sip of milk, a cuddle on mommy’s or daddy’s lap and a relaxing story before going to bed.

But beware, we cannot promise you that such a fixed sleeping ritual will make your little one sleepy! It does however provide order and rhythm, which can help your child find the peace and relaxation necessary to let go of stimuli.

2. Bonding and connecting


After a busy day at work, as a parent you don’t always have the inspiration or energy to play and connect with your children. If you already feel that your own energy level is low, it is hard to think of something to create a meaningful and cherished moment with your little one.

If in those situations, you have a familiar sleep routine with your baby to fall back on, you can still have that moment of bonding and connecting. Because what is nicer for a child than to be close to his parent, and getting lost in that last story before bedtime together?

3. Memories


Your child may still be small, but one day he will remember that beautiful moment together at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be grand or exciting, it is often those little details that make a lasting impression. Are the two of you going to try and find the snail in Finn’s book? Or are you having a quick race with the Billy and Tika covers to see who wins? Those are the things that kids remember. The moments may be short, but they are big fun.