A lovely night light for every age

The Yumi Yay night lights not only look very cute, but they are also super practical and multi-purpose, so you can use the lights for much more than just a friend in the dark.

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Yumi Yay: characters with their own personality

Each child has a personality that makes him/her unique. Yumi Yay wants to offer more than just baby products. We want to bring together mums, dads and kids to enjoy those special moments. The individual personality of each Yumi Yay figure really brings the character to life, while also bringing parents and children one step closer together.

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Yumi Yay: the perfect night light for kids AND parents!

The Yumi Yay night light is not just great for kids, but also for parents in the first weeks after their baby is born. Thanks to its compact size and different brightness levels, this night light is a great multifunctional tool for mums and dads. Here you can read all about how our Yumi Yay mums and dads use their night light.

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Yumi Yay Story Books: Fun for Baby's, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Reading a story together is an integral part of many families' evening routine. Provided that you make some minor adjustments to the story, any children's book is suitable for any age. Read here why the Yumi Yay stories are suited for both young babies from 6 months AND for 4-year-old preschoolers.

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3 Tips For Your Baby's First Sleepover

Is your baby staying with grandparents for the first time? That first time is always a bit exciting, both for you and your baby. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we made a handy checklist of things to bring AND a mini manual/day schedule you can give to the minder or babysitter. So you can enjoy your night off with peace of mind!

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5 x Crafts With Your Baby

Are you looking for a fun way to entertain your baby? Get creative and let your little one create an art work! Doing crafts is not only fun, but also very good for their fine motor skills. Here are some fun and easy craft ideas for children between 6 months and 2 years.

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Story Time: A Cosy, Quiet Moment in the Day

Whether it's the end of the day, before an afternoon nap or on the train, reading a story with your child is the perfect way of spending some relaxing time together. Discovering a story together is not only good for strengthening your bond, but it also has many other advantages. Every single child benefits from the positive effects of being read to. Are you not used to reading aloud, and are you unsure where to start? We'd like to give you some useful tips.

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9 months of pregnancy: the most important milestones of your third trimester

Nine months of pregnancy may seem like a long time, but your little one spends the time developing at lightning speed from a bunch of cells into a baby. We have created a handy overview of the most important milestones to help you keep track of your baby's development! This is where you can find everything about the third trimester – in other words, everything that happens between week 28 and weeks 40-42 of your pregnancy.

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