The 9 months of a pregnancy: the major milestones during the first trimester

Yumi Yay wants to connect parents and their children by means of Our Little Moments, the small but important moments in life. And those first moments start when they are still in their mommy’s tummy! At times, those nine months of the pregnancy may seem to last forever, but your little one is developing from a cell into fully-grown baby at lightning speed. We created a handy pregnancy calendar to help you track the most important milestones in your baby’s development!

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Bedtime rituals of Yumi Yay families

A fixed evening ritual does wonders for a good night’s sleep, both for children and parents. It helps your children prepare for the night and relaxes and reassures them. Are you still looking for a quiet and cosy evening ritual for your child(ren)? Maybe you will get some inspiration from the evening rituals our test families came up with. They involve the Yumi Yay stories and colourful night lights.

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Tika’s Christmas party

In “Tika likes to play tricks”, you can read about our jolly monkey Tika, the joker in the Yumi Yay forest. She loves making fun of her friends, but Finn, Otti and Billy do not always find Tika’s jokes funny. Is Tika going to prank her friends this Christmas? You decide!

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Celebrating Christmas with Billy Bear

Billy is a very sleepy bear, and there is nothing he loves more than taking naps all day. He doesn’t like waking up, and especially hates having to get up to take a bath! You can read all about in in “Billy doesn’t like bath time”. But how does Billy celebrate Christmas? You and your child can decide!

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Drawing contest: Behind-the-scenes of your works of art

A few weeks ago, on our Instagram account, we asked you to let your creativity – or actually, the creativity of your little ones - run wild on a colouring picture of the four Yumi Yay friends. And it was a huge success! Pencils, markers, paint, stickers, glitter... you really went to town! Team Yumi Yay was really impressed by all the beautiful creations! Let’s take a look behind the scenes and discover how these artworks were made!

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A flying Christmas with Finn!

Do you know Finn? Of course, because she is the fastest bird in the entire Yumi Yay forest. And you have probably read the book “Finn and the clean-up race” to or with your child. Finn loves to fly and race between the trees and the shrubs so much, that it is all she does all day. But what about Christmas? Can Finn go racing then? You and your child can decide!

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Celebrate Christmas with Otti!

In “Otti feels a bit afraid”, you and your child have already read that Otti is not the bravest of elephants. He can sometimes get a bit sad about his lack of bravery, but his friends Finn, Tika and Billy help him get over some of his fears. How is Otti going to celebrate Christmas? We would love to tell you!

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Why Yumi Yay is an original toy tip

Yumi Yay has been tested extensively over the past few months by a number of families. We called some of them, to ask them about their experiences with the night lights and the reading books. Today we are sharing a number of their reviews, and we hope they will show you that the Yumi Yay night lights are perfect gifts for a birthday or for Christmas.

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