A flying Christmas with Finn!

Do you know Finn? Of course, because she is the fastest bird in the entire Yumi Yay forest. And you have probably read the book “Finn and the clean-up race” to or with your child. Finn loves to fly and race between the trees and the shrubs so much, that it is all she does all day. But what about Christmas? Can Finn go racing then? You and your child can decide! 

Because you and your son or daughter are the writers of Finn’s next adventure. Sit down in a cosy spot, get your Yumi Yay night light to create the perfect atmosphere, place the Finn cover on the light for inspiration, and start creating your story! It is up to you what Finn’s Christmas adventure will look like!

Help! How do I make a story? There are three easy steps!

STEP 1: You cannot race on your own, so who is Finn going to race against?

A speed race all by yourself is quite boring, so ask your child to decide who is going race Finn. Is it Otti? Is Billy putting on his running shoes? Or will Tika be tumbling along the race course? Or do you want to go a step further, and make your child the other race contestant? Or mom and dad? Maybe the entire Yumi Yay forest will be racing!

Everything is possible, because your fantasy knows no borders or rules! Be as imaginative as you want: why not give yourself wings, so you can fly just like Finn!

STEP 2: What does Finn’s speed race look like?

It is nearly Christmas, the forest is cold and everything is covered in snow. Or not? Ask your child! You can decide what Finn’s race looks like. Maybe Billy’s hat falls off and covers his eyes, making him bump into Tika? Or maybe the entire forest is full of Christmas trees all of a sudden, and there is no space to race. Or who knows... Maybe Santa Clause bans the race, because you all have to open presents before the race can start?

You decide what type of race it will be, in Finn’s Christmas story. Encourage your child to use his imagination and think of a great story.

STEP 3: How does the race end? And who wins?

Who knows, maybe Finn’s wings freeze up and she suddenly loses? Or maybe Tika sees a beautiful snowman, and wants to get to it so fast that she wins? Or maybe someone throws a snowball at Otti and he starts running so quickly that he crosses the finish line first?

Only you and your child know, because you are the ones making the story. Did you like doing this? Why not try and tell each other the same story again next time. I bet you will also be able to think of a different ending! And that is the great thing about imagination!

Have fun and enjoy this fantastical time together!


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