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3 tips for your baby's first sleepover

3 tips for your baby's first sleepover

Is your baby staying with grandparents for the first time? That first time is always a bit exciting, both for you and your baby. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we made a handy checklist of things to bring AND a mini manual/day schedule you can give to the minder or babysitter. So you can enjoy your night off with peace of mind!

1. Sleep routine

When babies stay over for the first time, they sometimes have trouble falling asleep. A new sleeping environment always takes some getting used to, even when your child already knows their minder well.

A good bedtime routine is, therefore, an important part to share with the grandparent or childminder. These are certain set actions/activities that can easily be taken over by someone else. This way, it is always clear to your baby when it is time to go to sleep and this will benefit the sleep of both your baby and their minder!

Depending on your baby's age, this could be anything from brushing their teeth to reading them a story or feeding them a bedtime bottle. The bedtime routine doesn't have to take long. In fact, the shorter it is, the easier it is to keep up and pass it on to others. These little moments together are bonding time for (grand)parents and (grand)children and will be some of your child's best memories when they grow up.

The Yumi Yay night lights and books can be a part of your bedtime routine. The four stories are relatable and just long enough for a quiet moment before bedtime. The night light is compact, recognisable, and brings comfort during difficult moments in the night. So they're perfect to bring along to a sleepover at the grandparents'!

2. Day schedule

It may sound a little crazy, but it's helpful to provide some sort of manual beforehand. This way, the childminder has something to fall back on when they're momentarily at a loss. You can also pass on the information verbally, but then there is a good chance that either of you will forget something. It is, therefore, useful to write a few things down in advance.

This can include a short guide for changing (e.g., reusable nappies), the amount of milk/solid food, their daily routine, and tips for comforting your baby...

Not entirely sure where to start? In our blogs, you'll find lots of inspiration from other families, tips for a simple sleep routine, and some essentials for a great bedtime ritual!

3. Checklist

It often feels a lot like moving house when you're taking your baby out on a trip or when they spend the night somewhere else. So it's useful to make a checklist of things you definitely cannot forget to bring.

You can use this checklist not only when your child has a sleepover, but also when you go on holiday, go away for the weekend or want to do a day trip... It's a super handy reference point for your mum or dad brain. ;-)

The Yumi Yay night lights and books are the perfect companions to take to grandma and grandpa. Use our tips and you'll have a handy little document that you and your childminder can refer to the next time there's a sleepover!

You can download our daily schedule and checklist below.