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A lovely night light for every age

A lovely night light for every age

The Yumi Yay night lights not only look very cute, but they are also super practical and multi-purpose, so you can use the lights for much more than just a friend in the dark.


Baby: Night Feeding

During the first few months, babies often need a night feed. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, you don't want to have to turn on a big light in the middle of the night. The soft setting of the Yumi Yay lights is ideal for adding a touch of light to the room while feeding. You can then prepare a bottle in peace and quiet or check that your baby is latching on properly.

Tip: the other light modes are also very handy for night-time nappy changes!

Infant: night light

From the age of 2 onwards, children may start to experience anxiety for the first time. Being afraid of the dark is often one of the causes. Does your child wake up during the night? If so, a reassuring beam of light in the darkness might provide a solution!

The Yumi Yay night lights have a cute, nice design that appeals to children. You can let your child choose his or her own friend for the night, because each night light comes with two different animal covers!

We’ve also put together four other tips that that can help kids who are afraid of the dark.

Toddler: playmate

Around the age of 3 to 4, your child's imagination is firing on all cylinders. This mostly manifests itself in role-playing and making up some really crazy stories! Your child can also use the soft silicone animal covers for playing with!

Tip: the Yumi Yay stories are very recognisable for children and provide inspiration for your child's playtime!

From 6 years: reading light

As soon as children can read, they sometimes don’t want mommy and daddy to read them a bedtime story. These Yumi Yay night lights are a great reading light for children. They have a built-in timer so they can also turn off automatically after 20 or 40 minutes.

Does your child want to read for 20 minutes in bed? Then just tap the light once and the timer is set. Once the light goes out, your child knows it's time to go to sleep

Tip: Do you find that the light isn’t bright enough? Simply take off the cover. Your child can even use it as a character in their own story!

Parents, too, find that this is a very handy light!

Yumi Yay night lights have an LED light inside them that can be dimmed with one simple tap. The built-in timer and silicone cover are handy features for slightly older children. This is a night light that can grow with your child!

Which set do you choose: the one with Finn and Otti or the one with Billy and Tika