Drawing contest: Behind-the-scenes of your works of art

A few weeks ago, on our Instagram account, we asked you to let your creativity – or actually, the creativity of your little ones - run wild on a colouring picture of the four Yumi Yay friends. And it was a huge success! Pencils, markers, paint, stickers, glitter... you really went to town! Two lucky winners were selected by our followers via Instagram Stories. Team Yumi Yay was really impressed by all the beautiful creations! Let’s take a look behind the scenes and discover how these artworks were made!

Tekening 1 in tekenwedstrijd

The first mini-artist in the spotlight is Odile. She is 2 years old. Together with her mom Daphné she worked hard all afternoon tearing and sticking pieces of paper and colouring in the drawing! The result: the Yumi Yay friends in their original colours (blue, green, pink and yellow), but with a whole new look!

Tekening 2 in tekenwedstrijd

This is Noor. She is only 6 months old, making her the youngest contestant of the Yumi Yay art competition! As she is still too young to colour in with pencils, her mom Lies chose to use paint. With her hands covered in paint, Noor turned Otti, Tika, Billy and Finn into colourful creatures!

Tekening 3 in tekenwedstrijd

Elias (3 years old) chose a different approach: a combination of crayons and stickers! He went all out with different colours and made his work of art complete with sweets. It looks great!

Tekening 4 in tekenwedstrijd

This beautiful artwork was made by Billie (2.5 years old). She was so enthusiastic that she coloured in two drawings! Mom Julie took photographs of the whole process for us, so we can all enjoy her creations!

Tekeningen in tekenwedstrijd

In addition to these four Picasso’s, we would like to thank all the other mini-artists for taking part! We really enjoyed and admired your creations. Thank you!


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