Seven reasons why the Yumi Yay night lights are so amazing!

Yumi Yay champions bonding moments with your child(ren). That's how the night lights and books came about! A night light is an important calming element in a child's bedroom, but why choose a Yumi Yay night light? Here's an overview of the seven top features of these lights.

1. A night light with a story

Yumi Yay cherishes the special moments between children and their parents. That's also reflected in their slogan 'Our Little Moments'. The night lights and the books were created with these bonding moments in mind. There are four characters: Otti, Finn, Tika and Billy. These animals each have their own distinct personality and story. The stories are reminiscent of young children's daily experiences. Sometimes Otti is a bit scared and Tika likes to play pranks. Discover all the characters here.

Yumi Yay night lights bedtime story child

2. Belgian design

The Yumi Yay lights and books were conceived, designed and realised in Lier. So the design is entirely Belgian!

3. Own charging nest

Each light has its own charging station made of bamboo. You can charge the charging station with the USB cable and adapter. Place the light on its wooden charging nest for three hours and it is fully charged. With a full battery, it can be used for 20 hours in night mode.

4. Choice of two characters for each night light

Each light comes with two characters. You can choose between Otti & Finn and Billy & Tika. Does your child fancy a change of colour or character? No problem, you or your child can easily switch the covers. Do you want to make your evening ritual even better? Read the matching Yumi Yay story with your child.

Yumi Yay night lights bedtime stories child

4. Set the time yourself

Twist the light on and choose one of three light modes:

  • Night mode: lowest mode that stays on all night.
  • Dimming after 20 minutes: the light automatically dims after 20 minutes.
  • Dimming after 40 minutes: the light automatically dims after 40 minutes.

All you have to do to change the mode is tap the light. Remember to switch the night light off after the light was dimmed automatically.

6. Colour their world

The first colours babies can see are primary colours, such as red, blue, yellow and green. They often find objects and lights in these colours very interesting at this young age. So the Yumi Yay night lights are not only great for creating a peaceful atmosphere in the nursery, they can also stimulate the sight of your child!

7. Veilig voor kleine kinderhandjes

The Yumi Yay night lights are completely safe for babies and young children. The covers are made of food grade silicone , so they don't leach any harmful chemicals. In addition, the lights use LED technology. This means they don't get hot. You can read more about the safety of the night lights here.

Yumi Yay night lights stories bedtime child




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