The Yumi Yay night lights are also safe toys!

In principle, Finn, Billy, Otti and Tika are the Yumi Yay friends that light up your child’s room at night. But did you know that the Yumi Yay night lights have also been approved as safe toys?

EN71 approval

When we were developing our Yumi Yay night lights, we were determined to not only get the required CE approval, but also an additional, very special approval: EN71. This is the mark you need if you want to develop toys for the European market, and it was important for us that the Yumi Yay night lights would also be approved as toys. Because, be honest: Billy, Finn, Tika and Otti are so much more than simply night lights. We wanted children to see them as their friends. The Yumi Yay animal friends should not just sit on a night stand all day, they should have fun too!

And that is what happened, because the night lights passed the EN71 test without problems, which means they can also safely be used as toys.

Food grade silicone

In addition, we made sure we chose the right material for the playful covers of the Yumi Yay night lights, to make them kids-proof. The soft covers are made out of BPA-free food grade silicone. This material is often used for baking dishes or cake tins, for example. This food-grade silicone is 100% safe for the storage or preparation of food, which means our Yumi Yay covers are also safe if kids put them in their mouths. So, no need to panic when you see a playful cover disappear in your baby’s mouth. Playing with Finn, Billy, Tika and Otti is totally safe!

Need more inspiration?

The soft covers are perfectly shaped for small children’s hands, so why not take the Yumi Yay friends along when your child takes a bath? The night light covers can be used as fun cups to play with! And what better way to rinse hairs than with Finn, Tika, Billy or Otti!

Happy playing!



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