Three Top Tips for a Simple Sleep Routine

As new parents, it is normal to have plenty of questions about the impossible task of getting your baby to fall asleep, and more importantly: how to make them stay asleep. It doesn’t have to be a never-ending battle, but it can be pretty exhausting. Remember, you’re never alone. There’s millions of parents rocking and cradling babies everywhere.

Want to know the magic formula to let your baby sleep? Bad news, we don’t have it. No-one does, as every newborn is unique and no one has a manual or a programmed baby. But, these 3 tips might be useful. No harm, no foul, right?

Establish Nap Time

As early as 12 weeks, it is suggested that little ones need a set nap time to establish a routine. Introducing this whilst your baby is still young can allow some of them to recognise nap time. Will this be a guaranteed success? No, we can’t promise you that. Always remember children will follow their own rhythm and patterns. But give it a try, if it works, it works! Don’t feel like letting your 3-month-old baby sleep by themselves in a separate room? Then simply don’t. Follow your gut feeling as this is your strongest and smartest compass.

Pre-nap Routine

Sleep cues are great for trying to teach your baby to recognise nap time, allowing them to sleep longer and more comfortably. These cues can be as simple as taking your little one upstairs, closing the curtains, changing their nappy, lighting their night light and reading a story.


Naturally, some babies can self-settle from an early age, recognising bedtime, and peacefully dozing off without the need to be rocked or fed. However, this is not always the case as we know, some tiny tots do prefer to have their parents or caretakers close, as they provide safety. So don’t expect the self-settling from your little one. Wanting to have you close is perfectly normal and healthy. Closeness = connection.

If your baby doesn’t fall asleep by him- or herself, do not worry. Children are not meant to master this skill from early ages on. If they want you close, it’s because you are their safe haven. Don’t try to fight it, but pitch along with the heavy waves this parenting is. They won’t stay little forever. Carry them while you can, and if things get overwhelming, never forget: you are not alone.


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