Tika’s Christmas party

In “Tika likes to play tricks”, you can read about our jolly monkey Tika, the joker in the Yumi Yay forest. She loves making fun of her friends, but Finn, Otti and Billy do not always find Tika’s jokes funny. Is Tika going to prank her friends this Christmas? You decide!

What is more fun than relaxing after a busy day with your child and telling stories? Cuddle up under a blanket, turn on the Yumi Yay night light for extra atmosphere, and use your imagination to think up a great story together. Put the Tika reading book to the side, because you and your child are writing a new adventure story for Tika.

But how do you make a new story? There are three easy steps!

STEP 1: Who is joining Tika on her adventure?

Being alone is no fun, so ask your son or daughter who will join Tika in your story. Will Finn fly along with her through the forest? Does Billy want to come out to play? Or will Otti and Tika have a crazy adventure? Or... Will your child play a starring role in the story? Everything is possible, because you make the story!

STEP 2: What is Tika up to?

Tika is a funny monkey who likes to joke about. Ask your child what mischief Tika will get up to this Christmas. Maybe Tika and Finn will steal all the presents from under the tree and hide them somewhere? Or maybe Tika and Otti wrap up trick presents? Or maybe Billy and Tika will dress up like Santa, to fool the others? Let your imagination run free, and with some encouragement your child will come up with some great stories!

STEP 3: How will the friends react to her jokes?

Ask your child how he or she feels when someone is pulling a prank on them. Will Finn get angry when she is fooled by a dressed-up Tika? Will Otti have to cry if he sees his presents are no longer under the tree? Or maybe Billy will fall over laughing when he unwraps his trick present? You decide how this story ends!

Have fun and use your imagination! Did your child like making up stories? Why not make drawings to go with the story you just made! Before you know it, you will have your own books full of fun stories. Whatever you do, enjoy this special moment together! 


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