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Which item do you really have to pack in your emergency suitcase? The Yumi Yay night light!

Which item do you really have to pack in your emergency suitcase? The Yumi Yay night light!

When you are giving birth in the hospital there are a lot of things you want or have to take with you. For instance, a comfy pair of pyjamas, comfy underwear, some toiletries, your mobile phone charger, outfits for your baby, a few diapers, and much more... But this is something you might not have thought of... Bring a compact night light!

It’s an item you don’t often see on the lists of must-takes, but from experience we can tell you that a night light is indispensable on the maternity ward, where you will spend quite a few waking hours during the night.

Your baby doesn’t have a proper sleep-wake rhythm yet, of course, which is perfectly normal, but it does mean that you will probably spend a lot of time together at night. If you don’t feel like putting on the bright fluorescent lights in your hospital room, or if you want to create a comfy, cosy atmosphere, the Yumi Yay night light comes highly recommended.

It has three settings to choose from, depending on the light intensity you want. To change a diaper you may need the brightest setting, while the softest light is probably enough for a night feed. The Yumi Yay night lights provide enough light to find everything you need: a hydrophilic cloth, a bib, the right side of the milk bottle or your nursing pads; while at the same time it’s still dark enough not to wake up your baby. 

And another tip... Make a habit of using this light at home when you are feeding, walking around with, comforting or rocking your baby at night. That way, the Yumi Yay will become your baby’s friend, and he won’t feel alone when you decide that it’s time for a room of their own. Your baby will then take this familiar night light with him to the new room; the Yumi Yay night light that has been with him - literally - from birth.

What’s more, the night lights allow you to build up a ritual from day one, which your child will enjoy even more once they get older. The rocking and comforting will change to reading a night-time story on your lap, but his best friend will always be there: that light that has been shining on him from day one.