Why Yumi Yay is an original toy tip

Yumi Yay has been tested extensively over the past few months by a number of families. We called some of them, to ask them about their experiences with the night lights and the reading books. Today we are sharing a number of their reviews, and we hope they will show you that the Yumi Yay night lights are perfect gifts for a birthday or for Christmas.

Covers: perfect toys for in the bath and as a teether

The Yumi Yay night light  covers are made from soft food-grade silicone. This makes them very user-friendly and easy for small hands to grab hold of. Our test families tell us that the covers are ideal and multifunctional toys:

Amaury, mother of Lucy (3) & Lio (1): When Lio was teething, she just love biting Otti’s trunk. Because they are made from safe materials, it was the perfect teether!

Caro, mother of Heden (3): Our son usually takes baths at home, because he doesn’t like the shower. This summer, we were in a holiday home that only had a shower, but when we allowed him to take his Yumi Yay friends for a wash, he forgot all about his fears. He had great fun!

Lisa, mother of Noah (1): Noah was 7 months old when we got the night light, and during the day he would often play with the animal covers, even at bath time. In the summer, he loved taking them outside and play with the covers in the tub. 

Yumi Yay bath toy

Yumi Yay = Active play

Sometimes, children love playing with the cardboard box the toys come in more than the toys themselves. Is that true for your children too? Children don’t need a lot to let their imagination run wild! The Yumi Yay stories are the perfect incentive for active play.

Marinka, mother of Lot (4) & Sep (1): Lot recognised the characters of the Yumi Yay lights in the books. The stories really activated her imagination, she would sometimes play out the entire story from the book!

Valerie, mother of Juliette (3) & Madeleine (10 month): Juliette often uses her night light as a flash light. She takes it with her to explore the house.  When she plays in her tepee tent, she loves taking her night light to play with the covers.

Lara, mother of Philippa (5), Romée (2) and pregnant with her third child: The lights are not only nice to look at, but also very useful.  You can charge them up and just walk around with them. They are ideal! My daughters love turning off the lights and close the curtains, to walk around in the dark with their Yumi Yay night lights.

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