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Frequently asked questions

How do I switch on my Yumi Yay Night Light?

If you give the lamp a twist, it will automatically switch to soft mode. The Night Light will now give a soft glow throughout the whole night.


How many modes does the Yumi Yay Night Light have?

The Night Light has three modes. On soft mode, the light will shine all night. On medium mode, your Night Light will dim automatically after 20 minutes. On maximum mode, you’ll have 40 minutes of light, after which the Night Light will turn itself off.


How can I switch the Yumi Yay Night Light to a different mode?

Tap on top of the lamp to switch between the different modes.


How do I switch off my Yumi Yay Night Light again?

Simply by giving it another twist. 


How do I charge the Yumi Yay Night Light?

You place it on its accompanying wooden cradle. The light will be charged wirelessly, so you don’t need any cables to connect the Night Light. The wooden cradle fits any regular 220V-plug.


How long does it take for my Yumi Yay Night Light to be fully charged?

Recharging your Night Light to the full 100% will take 3 hours. 


How long does my Yumi Yay Night Light’s battery last before my little buddy has to go to his docking station again?

The Yumi Yay Night Lights can power themselves autonomously for 20 hours.


Are Yumi Yay Night Lights safe for small children?

Absolutely! Yumi Yay comes equipped with several built-in safety features:

  • All our Night Lights are powered by LED-technology. Because of this, they don’t heat up and stay cool to the touch to protect little fingers.

  • The Night Lights have been CE-approved. Also, the covers are made of food grade silicone. This means that it is entirely harmless, in case your kid put the cover in their mouth. 


How many animal covers are there for Yumi Yay Night Lights?

We have four different animal friends and they come in pairs per package. Otti and Finn are roomies and Billy and Tika also belong together. They are all the same sized and fit the same light. 


What is the size of my Yumi Yay Night Light?

The dimensions of one Night Light with a cover are: 

  • Height: 9cm

  • Diameter: 6cm


What comes in one Yumi Yay Night Light-package?

In one Yumi Yay Night Light package you'll find:

  • 1 LED-light

  • 2 silicone animal covers

  • 1 wooden charging station with cable and plug

  • 1 leaflet with instructions and a story on the back!

In short, everything you need for nice rituals and peaceful nights!


What material is my Yumi Yay Night Light made of?

  • The LED-light is made of non-toxic plastic 

  • The animal covers are made of food grade silicone

  • The charging cradle is made of bamboo