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Why a nightlight in the baby or children's room? And more about the design of the Yumi Yay night light

Design nightlight for the nursery and children's room

Are you decorating the nursery? Then definitely think about a nightlight. Useful from the first second! And certainly a beautiful light point in the nursery. Looking for one that is safe, functional and stylishly designed in Belgium? Then Yumi Yay is the place to be. Why is a nightlight useful in the nursery? And why is the Yumi Yay lamp a real eye-catcher in your beautiful interior? Discover it all here.


Why a night light in the children’s room?

Making imaginary monsters disappear or a cozy glow during night feeds? A good night light always comes in handy, both in the nursery and the children’s room!



  • With the soft light of a nightlight you can see enough in a dark nursery. This way you don't have to turn on the big light.
  • Avoid stimulation and disruption of the sleep hormone.
  • Useful for night feedings or changing diapers


Children's room

  • Ideal for children who are afraid of the dark and like a small light to keep them company.
  • A small soft nightlight without blue light interferes much less with the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) than blue light nightlights.
  • Enjoy a cozy moment with your child before bedtime. Crawl into bed together and read a fun story. 


In addition to these reasons, a nightlight can also be a beautiful piece for the interior of your child's room.

> A nightlight is also ideal for parents

> A nightlight for children of all ages

A nightlight convenient for parents and children of all ages

The design of the Yumi Yay night light: fully child-oriented with a stylish twist

Yumi Yay is a child-oriented brand. This means that the design of its products like the nightlight came about based on what children like to see, feel, do. Safety and functionality are therefore two important pillars. This whole child-oriented concept was cast in a stylish jacket. Et voilà, the Yumi Yay night light was born!

The Yumi Yay night light was designed with great care on Belgian soil. Discover below why our nightlight is ideal for the nursery:


Sustainable materials were used for the light. The charging nest is made of bamboo: natural, durable and also beautiful in your interior. This wood look gives a warm feeling to the room. The light is LED: better for the eyes. The animal covers are completely in food-grade silicone. They are super soft and safe!


Bye bye beige! Babies and children are attracted to light and color! So we went looking for the right colors for Yumi Yay. Based on trend colors, we chose soft variations of yellow (Finn), blue (Otti), orange (Billy) and green (Tika). Colors that immediately fit the characters of the various animals.

Quality durable materials bamboo color


Child-centered design means a nightlight that fits easily in the hand for children and looks fun. The Yumi Yay animals play the main role as covers for the lamp. With a minimal number of elements, four animal heads were formed: an elephant (Otti), a bird (Finn), a monkey (Tika) and a bear (Billy). The nightlight fits perfectly in children's hands. Your child can easily move it, carry it or play with it!


Functional and fun! The various functions are also child-oriented. The night light is completely wireless, without buttons, connections, etc. So it is super safe and also convenient. You charge the light on the bamboo charging nest.

Do you want soft light all night, 20 minutes of light or 40 minutes of brighter light? Tap the light and change the light mode.

Since the light always comes with two covers, you can choose which animal will keep your child company. You can also take the covers into the bath to make foam drinks.


Discover the Yumi Yay night lights here. Who do you choose for your child's room? Otti and Finn, or Tika and Billy?


(photo heading: @furnlovers)

Three light modes, wireless and two different animal covers