From idea… to Yumi Yay!

Yumi Yay is a brand new Belgian brand, thought out, created and grown in Lier, near Antwerp. It is an understatement that we are proud of our products, but we are even more proud of the story of Yumi Yay as brand.

Because that is how we want to portray Yumi Yay, as a story. A concept, an experience, something more than just a new brand name. So, we started to think as a team. We are all parents and therefore the search for what we wanted to achieve with Yumi Yay started very close to home: with ourselves.

What do we always lack, being a mom or a dad? And what do we always want to have more of? We admit that ‘sleep’ could have been a correct answer, but there is one even stronger, which is: time.

We feel that we often have to hurry and rush, and that we have too few real valuable “we-moments” with our children. And that was the key: this is what Yumi Yay wants to create for parents: meaningful moments, together with their children.

Cuddling a bit in the big bed, before you have to prepare yourself to go to school. Baking your favourite pie with mom for your birthday. Diving into the ward robe of grandma or grandpa and dressing up with their hat or cap. And when it was time to go to bed, dad carried you up those stairs on his back. “Giddy-up, daddy! Faster!“ And daddy kept galloping. That we-feeling, those little childhood memories? Those will be the greatest in the future.

And those little moments, honestly, will be lost. They often disappear in the hustle of the day. Therefore, we looked for things that parents do anyway everyday with their children. We tried to figure out how we can let those moments become a daily, fixed ritual.

What that ritual really entails can be filled out differently in each family, but the fixed value is that Yumi Yay is connecting parents with their children. To slow down and take the time to turn everyday things into meaningful experiences. More of a we-feeling, together with Yumi Yay.

Discover the Yumi Yay nightlights  here, and immediately also choose a matching bedtime story!


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