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Yumi Yay x sustainability

Yumi Yay x sustainability

At Yumi Yay, sustainability is very important. Early 2022 our Belgian brand was picked up by the Sustainable Family Awards. Read all about how we embrace sustainability and how we try to limit our ecological impact. 

Sustainable Family Awards

At the beginning of 2022, Yumi Yay was nominated in the category ‘toys’ of the Sustainable Family Awards. With these awards, Belgian brands are put in the spotlight because of their conscious sustainable choices.

This way, the brands are not only honoured themselves, but other brands can also be inspired to create more conscious and sustainable products!


For the design of our products, we cooperate with the Belgian design agency, Edmire. So our products are entirely designed in Belgium. This allows us to understand each other well and to be on the same page at all times.  


Conscious sustainable design

The production of our products is preceded by an entire process. As a result, we know what mothers, fathers and children are looking for and what they need. Our products are therefore completely tailor-made for young families, so that they can be used for many years.

LED light

Inside our night light is an energy-efficient LED light. These lamps do not get hot and are safest for the little ones.


Bamboo cargo nest

Our Yumi Yay nightlights do not work on disposable batteries, but are charged wirelessly on a bamboo charging nest. During the production process we chose bamboo because it is a fast growing plant that can be grown in a very environmentally friendly way. By not using wood, we reduce our ecological impact.

Lasts for years

The food grade silicone covers of our night lights are not only fun for children to play with. They are also an important part of our night light to survive the (sometimes) wild play of children and to break a possible fall.

The Yumi Yay night light can be used for years and is multi-purpose:

  • soft light to use after birth in the hospital; for night feeds or nappy changes,
  • night light for children who are afraid of the dark,
  • playmate during the day,
  • torch for going to the toilet at night,
  • reading light (also for mom or dad 😉),
  • or use the covers as safe teething or bathing toys.


The Yumi Yay night lights are fun to give and receive! Buy one now as a present or put it on your baby registry.