Our story

Yumi Yay is a must-have lifestyle brand with indispensable nice-to-have / nice-to-give products that strengthen the mutual bond between parents and child:

“Cuddling in the big bed. Diving into the grandparents' wardrobe and playing dress up together with his cap and her hat. And when it was bed time, Daddy would carry you up the stairs on his back. That we-feeling, those little moments? You remember them as a child and take those memories with you for years until you grow to become a mom or dad yourself.”

And that is precisely why Yumi Yay encourages parents to put magic in the small moments, because these simple rituals will turn out to be the greatest memories for your child.

Yumi Yay stands for:

  • Connecting: our products invite parents into the world of their child
  • Surprise: Yumi Yay creates a playground where parents and their child can experience the most enjoyable moments
  • Strengthen: through that daily connection in a set ritual, Yumi Yay provides a stronger we-feeling between parents and their children

Yumi Yay therefore offers parents the ideal products that foster the creation of a we-feeling between them and their children. Yumi Yay provides an even nicer connection between parent and child, and simultaneously strengthens the mutual bond at the most diverse moments. Because you + me = we. Yay!

Yumi Yay is a brand of BABYmatters. Would you like to find out more about BABYmatters and the BABYmatters team? Discover it here!



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