WIN: your favorite Yumi Yay night lights and bedtime stories!

Win your favorite Yumi Yay night light set and the 2 corresponding bedtime stories! Gather your pencils, markers, paint brushes, stickers, glitter … and let the creativity of your little one run wild with our coloring contest!

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7 sleeping tips for transitioning into winter time

Next Saturday is the end of daylight saving time, and we all have to turn the clocks back an hour to standard time. This means we can enjoy an extra hour of sleep, unless our children decide otherwise... 😉 Some children are really upset by the change in their sleeping pattern, while others don’t notice a thing. Our tips may help you adjust your baby’s or toddler’s internal clock.

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Three Top Tips for a Simple Sleep Routine

As new parents, it is normal to have plenty of questions about the impossible task of getting your baby to fall asleep, and more importantly: how to make them stay asleep. It doesn’t have to be a never-ending battle, but it can be pretty exhausting. Remember, you’re never alone. There’s millions of parents rocking and cradling babies everywhere.

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The Yumi Yay night lights are also safe toys!

In principle, Finn, Billy, Otti and Tika are the Yumi Yay friends that light up your child’s room at night. But did you know that the Yumi Yay night lights have also been approved as safe toys?

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Is your child afraid of the dark? 5 tips that really work!

From the age of 2, your child might start developing fears and anxieties: fear of water, fear of being alone, and fear of the dark. These fears make your child more alert, but also more vulnerable. This means it is important for you to react to it quickly and correctly. We give five tips that can help reassure children who are afraid of the dark.

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3 reasons why a sleeping ritual is a good idea

Nothing is better for a child than a clear, recognisable sleeping routine. But why is that? And are there any advantages of such a ritual for you as a parent? Of course! You can read more about it here!

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“I have a bit of Tika and Finn in me.”

Didier Quoistiaux had been working as a painter and illustrator for years when Yumi Yay, his wife's employer, asked him if he wanted to illustrate a children's book. It was a leap of faith, as he had no experience with children's books at all. But he managed to bring the four colourful Yumi Yay friends to life in a magnificent way.

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Which items do you really have to pack in your emergency suitcase? The Yumi Yay night lights!

When you are giving birth in the hospital there are a lot of things you want or have to take with you. For instance, a comfy pair of pyjamas, comfy underwear, some toiletries, your mobile phone charger, outfits for your baby, a few diapers, and much more... But this is something you might not have thought of... Bring a compact night light!

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